Children’s Hospital of Georgia Advisory Council

The Children’s Hospital Advisory Council will consist of a diverse group of leaders from the region who have a wide background of expertise and who have a passion to have a top-tier Children’s Hospital of Georgia in their community. It will also include parents of children who have firsthand experiences with CHOG.

The mission will be to raise awareness and support of CHOG as well as to promote a sense of community ownership of “their” hospital. In addition to philanthropic support, this sense of ownership is a common theme seen at all great children’s hospitals.

The council will serve as a bridge between the hospital and community and provide advice and direction for the hospital with particular emphasis on the quality of service and communication.

The council will consist of 15 members with a chair selected by the members. The initial meeting will provide an orientation and in-depth education about the facilities, services and staff. Future meetings will focus on strategies to promote awareness. Potential high-profile special events will be considered as well as potential partnerships with other community organizations and businesses.